Colin Rose Method


Colin Rose method is one of the newest techniques of language learning. It is based on the present findings regarding brain functioning and the psychology of learning.

This method is engaging all senses at the same time, which makes language learning very fast and effective. Foreign language acquisition becomes easy and is as natural as getting to know our own language when we were kids.

Courses that use the method of Colin Rose organize classes in small groups. They are held once a week and take only an hour. In addition, each student is obliged to self-study for 2,5 hour per week via the website.

The biggest advantage of this method is the rate of assimilation of the new language. Using traditional teaching techniques it takes 3 years to achieve the effect of using foreign language in speech and writing. While, due to the method of Colin Rose we achieve "first language independence" after six months. In addition, this method is not stressful, it is effective and requires small amount of time spent on learning. Accelerated second language learning is based on a built-in integral mechanism of repeating that allows to increase the amount of stored material.

The most important difference that distinguishes Colin Rose Method from traditional techniques of foreign language teaching is polisensory. This means that using it, either during group classes or learning via Internet platform, engages all the senses and perception - vision, hearing, emotions, speech and body movement. It is similar to the way children learn their native language. Hence, for example, English language acquisition is so easy and natural for students taking part in the classes.

This polisensory method was developed by British psychologist Colin Rose. His program of effective learning (co called learning using the entire surface of the brain) is used by 45% of schools in the UK and the largest corporations. It works regardless of age, gender, education or previous language learning experience.

Colin Rose method is recommended for people who are at least 14 years old. People who are convinced of their inability to learn foreign language will be most happy with this particular method. Easiness, high efficacy and rate of learning will for sure break the internal barrier and prove that acquiring foreign language does not have to be difficult.