Sita Learning


Knowledge of a foreign languages is absolutely essential in the modern world. It is no wonder that people wanting to learn English, French or, for example, German have a very large range of different methods, schools and ways of language acquisition. One of them, very popular, is SITA Learning System.

Certainly, most of us had heard something about it, we associate the characteristic glasses that are the part of this method, however, only a few people know exactly how it works. First of all, it is worth noting that those recognizable glasses with earphones are only a part (voluntary) of the system, which also consists of regular classes with a teacher (group or individual). In addition, it also includes working with textbooks and tapes where there are recorded relaxing texts by the teacher. "relaxing text"?

Yes, it is a unique solution distinguishing SITA from other methods. Specialists creating this system (from the University of the Bundeswehr in Germany) believe that while we are relaxed we memorize phrases and words more quickly. SITA system is focused on communication, teaching useful words, phrases, usage of knowledge in speech, not in writing. Because of that grammar (although it is also taught) takes up much less space in the teaching program than in other schools or methods. Optional method of repetition of the material at home using dark glasses with flashing LEDs and a breath sensor are supposed to help us to fully relax, so that the results of our work are as comprehensive as possible. It is worth mentioning that the system itself does not offer learning how to relax, but rather is based on innate abilities.

Therefore, people who have problems with relaxation may be unsatisfied with achieved results. It also happens that learners are ... too relaxed and just fall asleep while repeating the material. Therefore, it seems, that SITA Learning System is not for everyone. If, however, we are able to put ourselves in a state of relaxation, we are determined to learn to communicate in the language, and not so much to learn grammar - it may be the system for us. SITA has many satisfied customers, all around the world, including Poland. It is definitely worth to check this system when choosing language school appropriate for us.