V.F. Birkenbihl method


Very F. Birkenbihl method is a technique that uses the brain's ability to absorb information beyond consciousness. Left and right brain hemisphere is being stimulated when using this method. Similar process takes place during learning the mother tongue.

This method of foreign language learning has been developed by a journalist-Vera F. Birkenbihl. It is based on four stages:

  • Decoding – reading, for example English-language text, above which its literal translation is placed. At this stage, students acquire the ability to quickly understand a text in a foreign language.
  • Active listening and tracking written text at the same time – it facilitates memorization of vocabulary and grammatical structures of a language. In addition, during this stage, we combine sounds with their meaning.
  • Passive listening – while listening to the text we do not focus on it, but we do other things, such as for example cleaning. The mind will choose, by itself which parts of the text it want to focus on. During this step we get used to a foreign language.
  • Speaking, then reading and writing – after getting used to strange sounding words we start to imitate them. Then, basing on the vocabulary contained in the texts we are trying to read and write. The student can also choose one of the above three skills and focus on it.


Classes, in which V.F. Birkenbihl method is used require appropriate written materials. During classes students listen to the text from the tape or CD, and thanks to that remember the phrases, expressions and intonation. Materials such as CDs and cassettes can also be used independently at home during daily activities.

V.F. Birkenbihl method is compared to the natural process in which we acquire the ability to understand and use mother tongue. During this type of learning we do not have to "cram" words or grammar rules. Thanks to this we avoid stress, it shows that foreign language learning can be enjoyable.

V.F. Birkenbihl method is recommended to self-taught and busy people who are at least 14 years of age. It is not only effective when it comes to foreign language learning, it is also completely stress-free. Taking this into account it is not surprising that it is so extremely popular.